Meet The Band

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                    Josh Buche - Josh is the founder of Sunsailor and the primary contributing songwriter. He has played guitar since the day he was born, give or take eight years. His fingers are as nimble as a spider and as precise as an atomic clock. He is a lyrical wordsmith whose voice shimmers like sunbeams shining down onto a glen through a forest canopy, the very same sun the band is named after! He can also stand on one foot for a slightly above average amount of time, not quite as well as a flamingo but close.

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                    Zach Bridier - Zach has drummed for more years of his life than not. He is an incredibly gifted musician with years of playing and recording experience. In 2014, Zach graduated from Greenville College with a degree in audio engineering. He is the heartbeat of Sunsailor and his energetic performance is a definitive feature of our shows. Without him, Sunsailor would be a zombified corpse waiting for a breath of life.

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                    Ryan "Javier” Szumny - Although Javier is the most inexperienced member of the group, it doesn't show. His bass playing is diverse and he is an entertaining whirlwind of energy on stage, dancing and grooving from corner to corner. Javier's charisma and confidence border on cockiness, but he has the drive to back them up. He is afraid of nothing except for snakes on small islands.

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